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07 Apr 2020

CICP Annual Return

Just a reminder to all entities who are required to submit Annual Financial Statements (AFS) with your annual return:

  • You must upload your latest approved audited Annual Financial Statements.
  • You have up to 30 days from your annual return due date. Thereafter you will be non-compliant and subject to penalties.
  • Who should submit AFS: Private or personal liability companies that are required to be audited by the Companies Act, 2008 or regulation 28. (Or if you elect to be audited)
  • The AFS must be uploaded in XBRL format before submitting your annual return.
  • At ConsultX we use proven world-class industry-leading software to ensure an accurate submission, on time!

If you aren’t sure – regulation 28 clarifies all categories of companies that are required to be audited. It includes: (and not limited to)

  • Public companies
  • State owned companies
  • Companies holding assets in a fiduciary capacity on behalf of others, of more than R5m at any one time during that financial year
  • Any non-profit company if incorporated by the state or an international entity or if incorporated to carry out a state or public function
  • Any other company whose Public Interest Score for that financial year is
    • 350 or more
    • at least 100, if annual financial statements were internally compiled
CICP Annual Return

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